Klondike Carnival


180.00 €

New product from Fuzzey Electronics Company.
Our history with making this exact pedal starts from curiosity and some sudden moments we had pleasure to take in.

Overdrive. Overdrive is something which we use in order to crank our amp to get that crunchy tone. Before I strated the company I had serviced, overplayed and modified many overdirve pedals. Some are basically good (generally tubescreamer based ODs and amps in the box pedals) and at worst I find digitally generated ones. Last year I got the original Klon Centaur to repair. Gold one. All features seemed to me perfect. Strating from treble knob, through mixing channels, ending with 18 V Maxim inverter. I looked for more information, found schematics and realized that some values are bad in front of the original one. Measuring and matching the most suitable values were when we started. There are some differences between what was re-gooped (removed the black silicon surface over components) and published few years ago and what I found. For now I’m proud I got this, testing that with popular market copies and mine seemed what Centaur should sound like.

Klondike is the river by which in 1896 the Gold Rush has begun. We found that Centaur is a small piece of gold among all sand and rocks in distortion market offer. Carnival seems to be something connected with joy and happiness. So here we are: Klondike Carnival.

Effect has active buffer section, the same time we’re using the dry or distorted patch our signal is buffered and the decline in the signal path in our pedalboard is reduced (which is made because of long cables and low quality components).

We also threw away the parts which made Centaur weak – jacks and power DC conector for more heavy duty ones. The original enclosure seems to be uncommon and uncomfortable to put in the pedalboard, so we reduced the size of this and all device we packed in standard sized enclosure. We imported the original klon style Davies knobs to make it look as classy as it should be.

The fact we are most happy with is the enclosure finish. We put on this the polished chrome which make the mirror effect on whole surface. You don’t need any logo and graphics on the pedal – when you look onto it you see yourself


Inspired by the great work of British vintage analog gear, after uncountable number of experiments and talks we had with known session musicians, we proudly present to you our new product - Fuzz Facin'.